College Campus 2 Corporate Cubicle

CC2CC refers to College Campus To Corporate Cubicle. It is an exclusive project conceived and executed by ABHYAS HRD. It is driven by professionals who have years of industry experience in training and placement. Their experience in the gamut of HR services and their knowledge about the corporate HR requirements led to the idea of CC2CC, which is unique in its own way. The most important USP of CC2CC is the WIN-ALL position that it provides to all the entities.

CC2CC is aimed at enabling the students to get employment opportunities immediately after they come out of the College. The process involves the following important features.

• Empowering the student
• Assessing the student
• Enabling the Corporate with tools to locate the right talent

Value Addition For Students

The most important benefit for the Student is the recognition and the fine-tuning of their true talent that ensures employment as soon as they complete the education. CC2CC extracts the true potential of the student and hones their skills to make them the right candidate for the Corporates. Student gets empowered by the quality training that is provided by CC2CC. The training is focused on the skills that the student should acquire, build and enhance within themselves so that the student is fit for the grueling interviews. The program improves student’s confidence levels, communication skills and brings his/her true personality to the fore.

Value Addition For Colleges

College ensures that their students get placements in corporate, establishes a sustainable relationship with Corporates, which forges the confidence of students and parents on the establishment. The ultimate result is the steady flow of admissions in the years to come. Colleges, Engineering Colleges in particular, are faced with huge challenges in terms of the student influx. The number of available seats is outnumbering the number of aspirants, mainly due to the increasing dwindling interest of the students in Engineering. Reasons are many and multi dimensional. In the current scenario, only two things enable the Colleges face the challenges – Quality education and placements. CC2CC joins hands with colleges in providing placement opportunities through their unique training and placement model. The result of this program enables the College to gain confidence of the forthcoming students and the parents in getting the future admissions. CC2CC works like an extension of the Training and Placement Office of the College and coordinates with the corporate in arranging interviews to the students.

Value Addition For Corporates

Corporate captures the talent with least investment and minimum effort. Corporates are losing sight of a substantial bunch of bright talent due to varied reasons. Some of the reasons are listed below:

• They are avoiding campus interviews because they are inundated with the number of aspirants that it became very difficult for them to sieve through thousands of CVs.
• Their filtration process is filtering out some good talent
• Fresh talent do not have a process of pre evaluation reports

CC2CC addresses all the above issues. We prepare a comprehensive profile of the student based on their aptitude, personality and soft skills and technical prowess. This profile helps the corporate as a good tool which enables them to evaluate the student on a multitude of parameters. Corporate will not miss any eligible student with this program.