Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly ABHYAS HRD does?

We look into the complete development of students and train them on honing skills neededto make students job ready. we impart and polish employability skills and enhance human capabilities and do the extra mile service of facilitating their placement.

Who can benefit out of your programs?

Every student or individual who undergoes the training program will get benefit out of this in innumerable ways.

How will the training program go?

Our training program starts with pre­evaluation of the candidate in order to understand their level of competency. We will then work on enhancing their human capital with best training methodologies available. Upon successful completion of training, the candidate is continuously tested. Our Interview panel will further evaluate During this stage, ABHYAS HRD interview panel would have one on one interview with the candidate on technical & HR competencies followed by a personality test and feedback given to various hierarchies involved at all levels of this process (for example,College Management,ABHYAS HRD trainers etc.).

How will I be benefitted if I choose ABHYAS HRD?

ABHYAS HRD believes not in just training the candidates in order to avail the job opportunities but also in shaping their future.Their skills are enhanced to make them job ready and to sustain in corporates for future challenges. ABHYAS HRD training programs would work like a strong pillar for the entire career graph of the candidate.

Who will review my performance and how often?

Performance review will be a continuous process which starts before the training program  till the completion of the training program.

Technical professionals from corporates closely monitor training programs and along with their precious mentoring,they would review the individual performances of each and every candidate.This review process would be periodical and feedback is given at frequent intervals of time.

Would there be feedback classes too?

Yes. Feedback will be given every now and then whenever its required. Unlike giving feedback at the end of the training program, ABHYAS HRD trainers constantly monitor the trainees and provide them the feedback that would help them in developing their skills.

What is your test module all about?

The test mainly focuses technical skills (trainee’s core competency), Along with basic English, Aptitude and Reasoning.

How would I benefit from your test?

Based on the qualifying score of the candidate in the preliminary test there would be a personal interview .Upon clearing this interview we would build a profile for the candidate that inturn makes the recruitment process simple. This profile would be built in a professional manner that would help carry better weightage for the candidate.

What is the test syllabus, duration and cut off?

As far as technical Test is concerned, it will be the core subjects of the students.
English- Basic English grammar that is essential for communicative English.
Aptitude- Reasoning, Arithmetic, Numerical etc.,Based on the type of test the duration might be either 1 hour or 2 hours.

What next after evaluation of test scores?

Student will have to go through the ABHYAS HRD interview panel- both Technical & HR. Once this is complete, a comprehensive profile report (Profile 360) is created which will forwarded to the corporates.

Sample papers of test?

No sample papers available. It is a basic test.With dynamic content everytime.

Eligibility criteria for taking test?

Final year graduation students (both professional and non professional),Job aspirants and Candidates with work experience.

Is it a onetime test or periodical?

It is a continuous process based on our client requirements. It is conducted periodically in different cities (Please visit for latest information).We are considering the options to introduce this test online through our web portal soon.Which would help the candidate attend the test from anywhere at anytime.

Is the test only for final year students?

Not Exactly! All candidates who are persuing their graduation (any) and Employment aspirants across all categories can apply.

I want to take your test how can I schedule it?

You can contact us/register through our website  ( )  or talk to the placement cell in your college who might want to get in touch with us.

Can I take the test from home or only from your centre/college?

You can take the test from anywhere and anytime once we launch our web services for online testing.

If not through college can I take the test otherwise too?

Yes, you can take the test online by registering on

How much guidance or assistance is made available to individuals in developing career goals?

Every time and type of guidance would be provided to the candidates from the time they enroll with us. And assistance would be extended to candidates not just till they are placed, but throughout their career.

How much opportunity will I have for decision-making from your training module?

Our training modules are designed to provide an overall exposure to the candidates about job market, corporate demands and realtime issues. So undoubtedly the know how of a candidate about various elements related to market would be upgraded along with improving the decision making skills.



IS ABHYAS HRD just another placement consultancy?

ABHYAS HRD is not just any placement consultancy that provides workforce but also a training entity that ensure skilled and quality workforce is provided across all major business domains.

How are Experienced Professionals getting help from ABHYAS HRD training programs?

Experienced professional are given tailor made training based on their key requirements that are identified at priliminary stages such as leadership skills,On job skills training etc.Which will enhance their skillsets and help meeting their respective organizational goal.

How reliable is the workforce provided by ABHYAS HRD?

ABHYAS HRD carries out rigourous phases of screening and profiling of the candidate before suggesting them for a particular job role.As we believe in qualified people rather than certified ones.

How to recruit good quality workforce for a particular vacancy in my organization?

Please Contact ABHYAS HRD though our website   ( for further details regarding contracts.