In an era where investing in people can make or break your business, your ability to keep your new employee is crucial. It therefore makes sense that this starts at the beginning – the induction.

Designed to provide new recruits with vital information they need to ‘hit the ground running’, ABHYAS HRD’s Induction Program acts as your first impression and introduction to the organizational processes. It is therefore imperative that your induction training program is not only informational; it should also be engaging, easy to access, and interactive.

Benefits of our Induction Programs include
• Ability to identify with their new employer and their values
• Encouraging employee motivation
• Improving employee retention and productivity
• building a shared corporate culture
• Addressing HR policies and procedures
• Savings on long term recruitment costs

Remember, a good induction and training service for new employees forms part of your employer brand; so it is vital to invest in something that’s the best possible fit for your organization.
Ask us today about how we can help you build the most effective induction course for your organization.