On Job Training Essentials

Training can play an important role in the success of your business. Unfortunately, small businesses often can’t afford to give staff time away from work to attend training during work hours. Similarly, business owners often find the available training is too unspecific and not appropriate to the individual needs of their business.

Whether you are aiming for increased sales, more efficient production, better use of IT, or to create a reliable team that can solve its own problems, training is often the best solution. The best return on your training investment will be achieved by identifying your company’s training needs, taking a systematic approach to sourcing suitable training, and enrolling your employees on the right courses for the job.

To enhance the human capital of your employees& increase the productivity of your business:

• Identify the training needs

 Involve employees in training decisions

• Develop your training plan

• Assess the training

 Find solutions when training isn’t an answer

ABHYAS HRD is leading the way when it comes to employee training programs. For organizations seeking to comply with upgrade employee skills, raise morale and increase productivity, we serve up an extensive yet diverse list of courses. From annual training requirements to customized classes, we have the resources and personnel to meet your training objectives!

We conduct sessions to employees from various business verticals on the following topics:

•  Communications Skills
•  Teamwork
•  Conflict Management
•  Motivational Skills
•  Presentation Skills
•  Decision Making
•  Problem Solving & Resolution
•  Supervisor Training
•  Leadership
•  Customer Delight
•  Goal Setting/Action Planning
•  Employee Surveys
•  Sexual Harassment
•  Performance Reviews

WE combine instructional material with our high-quality facilitation team to fulfill  your objectives and deliver top-quality training at an affordable price. For more details, please contact us.