Train The Trainer

At ABHYAS HRD we do everything to ensure our designs are robust enough to fly in the hands of the weakest of trainers; the truth is that a good trainer makes a world of difference to the learning of students and therefore to the business results. Our Train the Trainer Program can convert even the weakest trainer into an influential coach.
When it comes to implementation, we like to stick around for the lifetime of your program; regardless of whether it is 3 months or 3 years. We have a part to play in making sure that results are achieved, with Train the Trainer being a primary factor.

Our services in the realm of implementation include the following:
• Implementation design
• Implementation project planning and management
• Trainer assessment; if they aren’t up to standard we will train the trainers
• On the job coaching for trainers to help them handle all types of training
• Supporting the trainers as a part of our “train the trainer” initiatives
• Training in the classroom

In our opinion, our Train The Trainer Program produces engaged trainers equipped with high quality experiential material, which together produces the most amazing learning results for better business results.